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Darksiders II Trainer

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Welcome to ourfactorGame Review ofDarksiders II. We review the game and then factor in how the available affect the overall game experience. For better or worse, our reviews will help you decide whether or not to use when playing the game.
When it was originally relsed in 2010,Darksiderssurprised a lot of people. It was a fantastic, if not flawed mix of elements from some of our favorite franchises. It had the puzzle elements ofThe Led of Zelda, the combat ofGod of Warand some surprisingly grt platforming mechanics. Now, two yrs later the sequel has finally hit shelves, and amazingly enough, it's those same ftures that somehow hinder it.
WithDarksiders II, Vigil does a lot right, it offers a ton of new content and gameplay mechanics -- but none of them seem like they're all they could have been and you can't help but wonder how grt the game would be if it just focused on one thing instd of shooting for the moon. Still,Darksiders IIis a fun and at times daring adventure that is more than worth your time.
"...if you don't mind the occasional eye-rolling dialogue..."
Darksiders IIdoes away with War, the horsemen protagonist from the original in favor of his brother Dth, who believes that his brother is innocent of crimes that resulted in humanity's destruction and sets out to prove it. Just how does he do that? Apparently jumping from platform to platform and mercilessly slashing a bunch of dudes in half. There's a narrative here, and it's long winded and goofy, but it never stops being entertaining. It echoes the best (and sometimes most cheesy moments) of s likeLord of the RingsandClash of the Titans, and if you don't mind the occasional eye-rolling dialogue, you'll have a good time here.
Dth's adventure will find you traveling through some pretty unique loions, as the sequel dwarves the original in terms of content and land mass. Most of the original took place on rth, but the sequel crtes its own worlds and the art direction is impressive to say the lst. These loions range from fire-scorched wastelands to lush fields and even snow covered caverns. It may have its issues, butDarksiders IIhas crted one hell of an imaginative setting.
Much ofDarksiders IIplays virtually the same -- you'll run, jump and cut a bunch of undd baddies in your quest to restore your brother's name. Dth has the ability to carry two wpons, one dling out quick damage and the other of the more slow and punishing variety. As you play through the game you'll have the ability to pick up items and wpons from fallen enemies and cast some pretty cool spells (I was partial to being able to summon spirits from hell to do my bidding).
"...running up, mashing buttons and occasionally dodging attacks."
The problem with this though is that it never rlly feels like it matters all that much. Besides a few sequences where you'll be required to lrn a new spell or move to complete a task, a lot ofDarksiders IIis repetitive and boils down to your most basic and slash mechanics. Perhaps most disappointing is that the game ftures a deceptively deep upgrade system that only rlly matters as much as you want it to as very few enemies require much strategy besides running up, mashing buttons and occasionally dodging attacks. That doesn't mn that the combat here isn't satisfying, as you'll thoroughly enjoy slashing up your attackers -- at lst for a bit.
It's also frustrating to be in the midst of combat and have to fend off not only hordes of enemies, but a camera that seems to be intent on showing off how awesome the art is on Dth's back. The game constantly takes c shots by positioning the camera in the worst possible position and as enemies keep coming after you from off screen fights turn into you constantly running around to get a better vantage point..attacking and then repting. Amazingly, it even has the same effect on the game's best fture -- its remarkable boss fights.
Darksiders IIis that kid in school who takes every extracurricular activity in an effort to impress others. Sure, it's impressive -- but maybe it's time would be best served focusing on and perfecting one thing. Don't be fooled though --Darksiders IIis still incredibly entertaining and worth picking up -- faults and all.
USED: Unlimited Hlth, Full Rper, Add Skillpoints, more
It must be tough to be Dth, all you're trying to do is clr your brother's name when all sorts of undd bad guys keep attacking you. Luckily, you'll have the trainer from GameZ8ne to help you along the way -- and it's got nrly everything you'd need to accomplish your goal. The trainer gives you the option for sy kills and the possibility of leveling up all of your skills faster than normal with add skillpoints .By far though, the most useful are the unlimited rper mode and float modes, which allow you to dl with the game's horrid camera a bit sier.

Ftures: Unlimited HlthWrathFull Rpersy KillsAdd Gold CoinsAdd SkillpointsAdd Boatman CoinsAdd XPUnlimited PotionsUnlimited Rper ModeFloat ModeMade exclusively for GameZ8ne. WRITTEN FOR THE /RETAIL/STM VERSION OF THE GAME. May not work with all versions. Rd the included rdme file with Notepad for important instructions on using the trainer. This trainer ftures customizable hot. This file has been scanned and is virus and adware free. Some trainers may set off eric or heuristic notifiions with certain antivirus or firewall software.Compat: XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8
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