Thursday, May 26, 2016

Frontmost 1.25 and Frontmost donation v1.24 apk

By tapping markers, you can launch the following commands:

download link:Frontmost v1.25 and Frontmost donation 1.24APK
Size: 0.86 MBAndroid Requires : 2.2+

*launch apps(or shortcuts)
*open notifiions
*open pie menu(like the stock browser quick controls)
and more.
The markers on topmost screen are accessible anytime.
You can customize the marker size and color.
(You can also put an arbitrary on the marker.)
- Long tap markers to open menu.
You can move markers by dragging.
- If you do not want to move, plse lock the marker.
Launch Frontmost again to add a marker.(max two markers.)
*after donating, You can put any of markers.
You can donate by buying "Frontmost donation ". ... e.launcher

Other ftures.
Added quick controls.(more customizable for donator)
Added some function via "ToolBox".(Lock screen, Wi-Fi, etc)
Added more gestures.
*Save marker settings to profiles.
*Added "Load profile" action.
*Added " press" action.(It works for rooted devices only)
Different marker layouts for landscape and portrait orientations.

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