Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hazel Dazzle 1.1 apk

Product Ftures- 3D adventure with butiful graphics & fantastic music.- 4 worlds, 8 dungeons to explore.- sy controls. Just touch/tap or drag on the screen.- Plenty of humor and dramatic situations.

download link:Hazel Dazzle v1.1APK

Size: 198 MBAndroid Requires :4.0+

Hazel Joyce is a young explorer in srch for the evil Dr. Daemus Dietrich, an archaeologist so obsessed with the Mirâri that he even betrayed Hazel yrs ago. ‘’The Mirâri people was a lost civilization of celestial bodies that lived at
the beginning of time. They kept secret technologies able to rule the Galaxy.’’

Hazel intercepts a radio signal involving a message from a corporation to Daemus, and decides to track its origin. She travels on her ship until she rches a strange planet.

The adventure begins!

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