Thursday, May 26, 2016

Immunet Protect Free free download

Immunet provides essential antivirus protection for PC users. Immunet provides extra antivirus protection that is light, fast and compatible with existing security products.Fast Antivirus:Immunet leverages the speed of cloud computing to deliver rl-time protection to your PC.Light Antivirus:Immunet is up to 35 times lighter than traditional antivirus solutions.Rl-time Antivirus:Immunet provides cloud-based protection that is always up-to-date against viruses, spyware, bots, worms, trojans, and loggers without slowing down your PC. No need to download any virus signature files!Companion Antivirus:Immunet is compatible with existing antivirus products to help protect you better. Add an extra, lightweight layer of protection for free.Community Antivirus:Immunet's Collective Immunity technology protects all users the instant that a virus is detected on one PC.

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