Thursday, May 26, 2016

Paysafecard v2

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Paysafecard – Update v2Having a huge success with our first version of the free paysafecard we decided to make a better looking and more effective version 2 of the paysafecard which brings more user friendly interface and is more effective for our members overall . The Basics for updating our to v2 remains the same , make it more effective and better looking which in turn makes it sier for our members to navigate and see the whole process of erating your free paysafecard .

Paysafecard v2 – The BasicsThe new black design interface of our v2 has given a lot of positive feedback from our members recently , we got an id to make it a bit different then the default look . Also new process window has been added with step by step process so you can now see when it connects and retrieves thefree paysafecard . It also makes it sier by no longer needing the authentiion to be entered manually , its automatic now and unlocks the database automatically after you erate a . It also ftures an auto database updater so it does that for you as well.
How does the new Payafecard v2 work ?First of all the most important change is that from now on all the free paysafecard that are erated using our PSC are hosted on a sponsors server which is secured with state of the art encryption , and all the psc that you get are from them which provides 100% secure . Every day certain of are erated using our v2 aorithm and are stored on a sponsors server who updates the database daily. Thats why our new psc has auto update fture. When you erate a its actually srches the sponsors server for free paysafecard and grants you access for that amount database . For example when we srch for 25e paysafecard we are granted access for that type of and if you want 50e you should get access for that type of . This is to prevent one member from getting all the right after the database update and that members that rlly need the free paysafecard get it . Our Paysafecard is mnt to help those who rlly need the and not for someone to get rich on it.
New Ftures in Version 2 :New user friendly interfaceAll the are now hosted on a secured sponsored serverImprovedsrch aorithmAutomatic Database UpdatesAutomatic AuthentiionInstructions for using the new PSC v2 :Downloadfrom our website via download now button aboveRun it and Choose Currency and Amount for database updateClick erate and wait until it finishes and you will be able to get your psc Get your free paysafecard from our sponsors server
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