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PS Vita Jailbrk 3.15 CFW

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After a long time finally we have something solid which can prove the rl action of jailbrking the PS Vita device and now you will be able to copy game titles and lots of much more stuff you can do with your device. A simple tutorial came this time which would help you out while jailbrking your device on newest PS Vita firmware. There are some mandatory steps and instructions which you would have to follow.

PS Vita Jailbrk 3.15 - Steps and Instructions

There are some steps and instructions and following them you will be able to jailbrk your PS Vita in a few minutes.

Step 1 -First of all you will have to download the PS Vita Jailbrk Custom Firmware. You can download PS Vita Jailbrk CFW by clicking the download button below.

Step 2 -Once you will download PS Vita Jailbrk CFW, unpack the PSP2UPDAT.PUP file. Then you would have to follow the rest of steps as you did but we will revl the best method for jailbrking the device.

There are three methods for updating firmware version.You can update your PS Vita system software by any of the methods described below.
After the update is completed, go to the PS Vita system home screen and tap (Settings) > [Start] > [System] > [System Information]. If the version of the system update you used for updating the system is displayed in the [System Software] field, this mns that the update was completed successfully.

Update by connecting to a PC (siest method)

1. Turn off your PS Vita and attach the power adapter. Allow it to charge. The PlayStation Vita should be charged at lst 50% before you can continue .
2. Now turn the PS Vita on and the LED light should be GREEN. Go over to the Settings tab and scroll to the System Settings then press “x”. Inside the System Settings scroll down and select the “Format Memory Stick”.
3. Connect a USB cable on your PS Vita to your PC and initiate USB Mode.
4. After copying the 3.15 cfw firmware update to your PlayStation Vita “Game” folder, disconnect the USB cable and go to the game tab on your PSV. Select Memory stick then click update. Allow your PS Vita to update then it will restart.
5) Download Games, Homebrew and Have Fun!

DoesPS Vita Jailbrk 3.15 CFW work? 386 Votes for Yes/ 2 For NO

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