Thursday, May 26, 2016

Visual Studio 2013

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Visual Studio 2013 , Visual Studio 2013 , Visual Studio 2013 , Visual Studio 2013 , Visual Studio 2013 , Visual Studio 2013 , Visual Studio 2013 , Visual Studio 2013 , Visual Studio 2013 , Visual Studio 2013 , Visual Studio 2013 , Visual Studio 2013 Download Visual Studio 2013 to get full version Visual Studio 2013. Whether you are writing , planning, testing, debugging, or managing appliions, you can use the powerful tools in Visual Studio Premium 2013 to incrse productivity and enable smless collaboration in your development tm to continuously deliver high-quality appliions across devices or the cloud.There has been a fundamental shift to device and services experiences altering how the industry approaches software development. Consumers, customers, and employees now demand a new breed of appliions. They demand appliions that provide the best experience across multiple screens and devices, always-connected services for data they need, security, and continuous evolution.Visual Studio 2013 builds on the advances delivered in Visual Studio 2012 and subsequent Visual Studio Updates to provide the solution needed for development tms to embrace this transformation and to develop and deliver new modern appliions that leverage the next wave in platform innovation ( 8.1), while supporting devices and services across all platforms.Below are just some of the highlights in this relse, including: innovative ftures for grter developer productivity, support for 8.1 app development, web development advances, debugging and optimization improvements for native and managed , and expanded ALM capabilities. Visual Studio 2013 , Visual Studio 2013 Visual Studio 2013 Visual Studio 2013 includes many user interface improvements based on customer feedback and ’s core design principle of keeping the focus on the content to deliver an improved user experience. You may notice the more than 400 modified icons with grter differentiation and incrsed use of color, a redesigned Start page, and other subtle design changes throughout Visual Studio.Visual Studio 2013 includes a of improvements to help you be more productive and stay focused when coding. Some ftures first appred as experiments in the Visual Studio Power Tools extension before being refined and incorporated into Visual Studio. Productivity ftures such as automatic bracket completion, the ability to move lines or blocks using board shortcuts, and in-line navigation are now built-in. In addition, Visual Studio 2013 includes a new Tm Explorer with an enhanced Home page that provides sier navigation to tm collaboration ftures, including the ability to undock Pending Changes and Builds into a separate window.When you work with large files it can be hard to keep track of where you are. In Visual Studio 2013, you can sily switch the behavior of the scroll bar between two modes. In bar mode, you can view annotations such as your caret position, change your loion, and track errors more directly. In map mode, the scroll bar shows a live preview of source as well as the ability to hover over to preview it grter detail within a tooltip. You can then click on the exact position which navigates to that loion. Visual Studio 2013 Understanding what a line of does is a task during development. The Go To Definition command is now accompanied by the new Peek Definition fture. With Peek Definition you no longer have to lve the context of your line of to view a definition in an inline view.Understanding what a line of does is only part of your challenge as a developer. You must also understand its history, who worked on it, what references it, and more. This becomes especially challenging in tm-oriented projects. Lens ( Information Indiors) in Visual Studio 2013 uses information from both your project metadata and Tm Foundation Server 2013 to place decorators on ch of the methods in your that show information such as what changesets led to the crtion or recent change, who was the last person to work on the , what unit tests cover the method (including the latest pass/fail state), and what references exist. You can also quickly jump into that data, such as an associated changeset or referenced file with just a click.Visual Studio 2013 introduces a connected IDE experience, enabling you to get started with Visual Studio 2013 more quickly. When you start Visual Studio 2013 for the first time, you’ll be asked to sign in using your account, which you might alrdy use with your MSDN or Tm Foundation Service subscriptions. Once signed in, your copy of Visual Studio 2013 will be registered for your use without the need for any extra steps. Visual Studio 2013 will also automatically synchronize settings across your devices utilizing the Connected IDE experience. Synchronized settings include egories such as board shortcuts, Visual Studio apprance (theme, fonts, etc.) and more, all while keeping you in full control through the Synchronized Settings options.

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